So you’re thinking about new windows or doors- how exciting! We have put some answers to frequently asked questions about aluminium double glazing. If you have another question, be in touch!  We love windows and doors and are happy to talk about them anytime.

How much do aluminium windows cost?

Of course there is no single answer to this question as windows come in all sizes and configurations. But as a starting guide, a 1200mm x1000mm double-glazed window in a standard residential suite, with standard glazing, half a fixed pane, and half an awning window, could cost from about $530, not including installation. Things that can affect price include size of window, choice of suite (see our range); type of glass; configuration of window including opening sashes vs fixed panes.

How do you clean and maintain aluminium windows?

Nulook windows and doors are made to last. However to ensure your joinery continues to look great and work well into the future, you will need to do some light cleaning and maintenance from time to time. To download a guide to cleaning and maintaining your aluminium windows and doors, click here.

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