Nulook Canterbury builds fantastic windows and doors in residential weathertight, thermal, architectural and commercial aluminium profiles. We choose to provide the Nulook system of windows and doors from Altus Window Systems because of the superior styling, strength and weather tightness of the Altus systems.

Residential Suite

The WeatherTight suite is specially designed for New Zealand conditions to keep water where it should be- outside your home. The window frames are constructed to drain excess water through channels in the joinery to the outside. This suite uses Altus’s patented screwless Crimped Corner Connections to reinforce strong and tight mitred corners and provide controlled pathways for water to drain away. This system means there is no drilling required to mitre the corners, and so no holes for water to leak through.  The sliding and stacking doors can provide a seamless, flush appearance, with no door frame step. The Urban slider provides for glass panels up to 2.4m high. Get brochure

Thermal Suite

The AllSeasons suite provides exceptional thermal control, with an insulation layer within the joinery panels and frames, reducing condensation even further. In Winter it prevents cold coming in through the aluminium frame, and in Summer it keeps the cool air inside. For maximum performance, combine with LowE glass and Argon gas.

This suite is stronger and so gives you more design options. You can design even larger windows and doors. AllSeasons withstands extra high wind zones.

As with our residential suite, AllSeasons is manufactured using Altus’ s patented connection systems, creating tighter and stronger joints, which do not require holes drilled into the frames.   Get brochure

41Architectural Suite

The 41Architectural Suite provides exceptional architectural flair and performance for homes and commercial projects. It has a very contemporary style with square profiles and can accommodate larger door spans for sliding, stacking and bifold configurations. As with all Nulook suites, it has the advantage of Altus’s patented connection systems to provide superior weather protection.  Get brochure

SovereignSeries Architectural Suite

The SovereignSeries suite, supplied by Altus, has the performance abilities of commercial joinery, allowing you to push the boundaries of your design. The frames can support heavier glass panels, so you can have larger window and door spans, and make the most of your views. Sliding and stacker doors can span up to 2.7m high, creating impressive indoor-outdoor living. You have a choice of facing sizes on the frames. And of course the styling is very contemporary, with flat-faced finishing.  Get brochure

We also provide commercial joinery in a range of commercial suite options. Contact us to find out more